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I am fishless, cycling up currently. Hope to have everything running by 4/1/2013. I already have the strawberries in the grow beds.

I am using a timed flood and drain system. 2 in ground FT at about 150 gals each, and four 2 X 5 X 9" growbeds. 

I will be using crappie and bream (is their a difference?) from a couple of local stock ponds.

The point of having it in ground is to try and keep it cool in the summer. I am also going to put a canopy cover over the whole thing.

The pics show it while still under construction. It has 2 of the growbeds on it now.I hope to put up the other 2 this weekend.  One odd note. I am trying to use as much water bottle tops as possible in my grow medium. This makes it cheaper and lighter. Don't know the effects yet. Biggest downside so far is that they float.

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crappie are a different species than "bream" - bluegill or sunfish..

i've heard that crappie are harder to feed train, but if you get them young you should be fine

be careful bringing fish from a pond in.. i'd do a "salt water strength" salt water dip prior to putting fish in my tanks... to reduce chanced of bringing in any "pests"

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