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Here is a system that I have been running for about 5 weeks now. I have 20 small talipia below the tower and starting lettuce. The water is a constiant drip with LED lights. Introduced a handful of red worms yesterday...

For the first few weeks iIwas fighting high levels of ammonia but then got some rocks and water from a well established AP sytem. After introducing the bacterial from the other system and reducing the feedings the amonia had dropped from 8 to .25, the pH is staying around 7.5, Nitrite and Nitrates are both at 5 ppm.

A handful of fish have died over the past 3 days.

I am new to AP so any pointer or suggestion for improvemts is welcomed and appreciated.

Happy New Year!




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5pm of nitrites is pretty high, I'd do a water change to keep from losing more fish (make sure your water is chlorine/chloramine free obviously, or you'll lose all your cycling progress). Other than that, things are lookin' good. Nice work.

Hello Alex,

I will do a 1/3 water chance this evening. THANKS for the tip!


I have removed all but 3 fish from the system, done several 1/3 water changes and added a 6500k fluorescent.

The Nitrite and Nitrate levels are now both close to 0 with 0 ammonia. PH is 7.6.

Should I add some more fish back to the system or feed more or add Ammonia?

 Plants start strong then after about 1 week wilt away.

Looks like things are going well now. Great looking plants. Thanks for sending out updated pictures. I like to see the progress on new builds by new aquapons. 

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