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I have been toying with the idea of creating a system that uses 6" or 4" PVC standing vertical pipe.

Is there any similar ideas out there? 

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Do you have any drawing, or written description of this Idea? If not give a description and I will try to draw it fro you.

Hi Douglas,

I have been experimenting with a 6' tall 6" PVC tower for about a year now. It started out as an aeroponic tower designed to grown lettuces and greens all the way around the pipe. I have also tried to make it a drip system with the tower filled with media. That went well for a little while but the media was not the right thing for vertical application. So, Back to aeroponics with it. I stopped doing the aeroponics because I was having problems keeping the liquids inside the tower. It was shooting right out the sides of the net pots. The net pots were filled with 2" rock wool cubes. The problem is that the cube does not fill the net pot completely, and the liquids can escape through the voids. I have decided to silicone the net pots to the tower and fill them with something that will fill the void and not be shot all over the inside of the tower like if I used coir. That one is still my nemesis for now. Check out my profile and look at my photos. I'm not sure how to post them here from there.

I just added some verticle tubes two weeks ago to my garden I have a few videos on You tube under Aceman307 if you are interested in seeing the layout.

Hello group David Pressler here and I build portable concrete buildings.  Until my rights were violated I intended to take my fish farm off the grid by using my safedomes as a solar power plant to run the equipment with battery backup.

I am pretty sure if I remember my science correctly that light bounces off curved walls whereas flat walls reflect light perhaps another advantabe of a curved wall for indoor vertical hydroponic grow rooms.

Using multiple smaller grow room rather always building bigger large span inefficient grow houses might result in better production and lower expense.

I am in South Florida and have an 11 acre fish farm for sale plus I build portable concrete buildings 

visit me at

David Pressler

My 2 cents

Reducing everything down to modules allows a farm to obtain off the grid capability


I am in the middle of building an indoor Aquaponics system in a totally enclosed arboretum room in my house.  I am going to install vertical 4" pvc piping and with the use of a heat gun modify them to hold my plants.  Room is 14' long ad 8' wide by 21' high.  I have installed 5 skylights  in ceiling/roof area.  And will supplement the light  with LED lighting.  On the other side of the room I will grow my citrus trees that are already a few years old and started to bear fruit.  Fish and IBC totes will be in the basement right below the Arboretum.

I think I have also found a real good medium but I am waiting for the manufacturer to get back to me with answers to some questions.



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