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Caterpillar Pest Control

I recently discovered a horde of armyworms (at least, I'm pretty sure that's what they are) taking up residence in my growbeds and doing a…

Started by Alex Veidel

7 Aug 29, 2013
Reply by Alex Veidel


I have a NFT system. I am growing beans in it right now. But they are showing signs of nitrogen deficiency. I have a 350 liters fish tank w…

Started by Hydroponics Curacao

2 Aug 28, 2013
Reply by Hydroponics Curacao

Calling all AP gurus. Here's a hoot.

Anyone else ever notice a voltage potential between your ibc fish tanks. I kept noticing a cactus like feeling when I leaned on my tanks. O…

Started by Jim Fisk

6 Aug 12, 2013
Reply by Jim Fisk

Too Much fish poo in my grow beds

 Now that my fish are getting larger( some are close to 10"), I am realizing that I may have too many fish in my system.  I have a 275 gall…

Started by Roger Baldwin

3 Aug 1, 2013
Reply by George

Lining an oval galvanized stock tank with dura skrim

Hello fellow Aquapons. I am in the assembly stage of my first AP system (300 gallon total). I have all the GBs lined with Dura Skrim and i…

Started by Steve Haenke

1 Jul 18, 2013
Reply by Keith Rowan

Filter After Siphon?

I have a small system with a concrete mixing tub as a bed that has a bell siphon that runs into another concrete mixing tub that is working…

Started by R.K. Castillo

3 Jun 19, 2013
Reply by Jason A.

siphon won't trip

I just started my first small system.  using 2 kids' plastic wading pools.  3/4 inch stand pipe with 1 1/2 inch funnel on top.  4 inch bell…

Started by Anthony Vore

16 Jun 18, 2013
Reply by Bob Vento

Can i save my plants and can you cycle slowly???

Husband built huge system with 8,ooo gallons of water. (hoping to eventually help support us as his back is terrible and he is trying to fi…

Started by Tarah Bertsch

3 Jun 14, 2013
Reply by Alex Veidel

Plants all died

I have a indoor 20 gallon tank with crawfish and rosy red minnows feeding into 2 pea gravel growbeds, the full setup can be seen at http://…

Started by Debra-ann Phipps

15 Jun 5, 2013
Reply by Harold Sukhbir

Trying to identify this little critter

These shrimp looking critters have taken over my grow beds. Can anyone identify them? Not sure that they are harmful but my earth worms hav…

Started by Tom McLemore

3 Jun 5, 2013
Reply by Debra-ann Phipps


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