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Newbie to AQ few questions about cycling

Hello all i am new to AQ and have a few questions about cycling. Brief history. Started with a 100 gallon fish tank and a 75 gallon grow be…

Started by Brad lord

3 May 3, 2013
Reply by Brad lord

New guy starting fishless cycling

Hey guys, thanks for the help. I have 1 -275 tote fish tank' 1- 180 gal sump 2 grow beds (275 tote cut) 12" gravel beds I have a gal blue r…

Started by Charles Scholl

11 May 2, 2013
Reply by Charles Scholl

Nitrites/Nitrates Spike

Hello,  I was wondering if anyone can make sense of these stats for my AP system. I thought that when the nitrates spike then the nitrites…

Started by Dan Lieder

10 Apr 23, 2013
Reply by Jeffrey Ihara

When to add plants

I am at the very beginning of a fish less cycle. My water is at PH 8.3. I've added ammonia for two days now and today I added bacteria. I…

Started by Dan Lieder

18 Apr 21, 2013
Reply by Dan Lieder

ATM Colony Nitrifing Bacteria

Has anyone tried using ATM Colony Professional Grade Nitrifying Bacteria? I have been cycling my system for 3 weeks now and ammonia is at 1…

Started by Mark Berger

6 Apr 21, 2013
Reply by John Stewart

Waiting for Bacteria

I am new to Aquaponics and have read and watch vids, but I think I have gotten a little over zealous. I have built an approximately 60'ish…

Started by Nolan Crow

7 Apr 21, 2013
Reply by Steve Wilson

Need assistance with startup cycle - lost on my chemicals :(

I have made my first attempt at a desktop setup, 20 gallon tank, doing a fishless cycle. No plants, no fish yet. Due to work schedule I've…

Started by Omaha Leland

3 Apr 15, 2013
Reply by Dan McGuire

Thanks for the informative post

Thanks to Rk Castillo and Vlad Jovanovic for talking about low kH consentrations inhibiting cycling from getting started.  I had been feeli…

Started by Robert Wright

4 Apr 13, 2013
Reply by Vlad Jovanovic

Nitrites spiking 3 weeks into setup -- please tell me it's OK

Hello all, I'm new to the forum and AP. This is a bit of a misplaced introduction with a critical question. I've been lurking and learning…

Started by Hank Paloci

9 Apr 2, 2013
Reply by Jeffrey Ihara

ph keeps dropping during cycling

Hello All,    So I started cycling my system about 2.5 weeks ago using Ammonium Chloride.  My initial readings after adding the ammonia wer…

Started by Ariel Scott

12 Mar 30, 2013
Reply by Harold Sukhbir


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