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System Cycling (165)

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API proper ph 7 Boo- Boo!!

 Hey everyone Im Dave,thanks for letting me in to this forum. Im new at this please bare with me. I have a 40 ga. fill and drain with a sum…

Started by David Rhoads

4 Apr 12, 2014
Reply by Rob Nash

PVC pipes or Grow Beds?

Hello Everyone! I'm yet another person who has recently discovered - and decided to actually try - aquaponics! (I'm also glad to see I'm n…

Started by Justin Johnson

3 Apr 3, 2014
Reply by Paul Smith

Fishless Cycle, high nitrites

I'm fishless cycling, on day 31 today. My nitrites have been 5+ since day 11 (showed up day 7), so they have been off the charts for 20 day…

Started by Neely Anderson

11 Apr 2, 2014
Reply by Hank Paloci

Bed timing keeps changing

Hi,  we have three grow beds with one sump.  We originally had them set up to each fill at a different time, twice an hour.  This worked gr…

Started by Adina Conroy

6 Mar 24, 2014
Reply by Adina Conroy

Fishless cycling with pond water

Hi everyone! I'm super new to all of this but SO excited! I would like to start small for a few months then upgrade my system once I get th…

Started by Sarah Gabb

0 Mar 20, 2014

How can I learn more about bacteria and microbiology in the system?

Hi all! I am very interested in understanding the microbiology of AP systems. I would greatly appreciate if you shed some light or point m…

Started by Carlos A. Gorricho

8 Mar 3, 2014
Reply by Alex Veidel

is my system ready for fish?

We just set up our system last weekend using recycled hydroton. I just tested the levels: pH 7.6; NH4 1.5ppm; Nitrite .5 ppm; Nitrate @40pp…

Started by christina soulia

0 Jan 31, 2014

Is my system cycled?

I am trying to figure out if my system is cycled and what else I need to do if anything. I live in Florida. I have had my indoor 30 gallon…

Started by Robert

1 Jan 30, 2014
Reply by Alex Veidel

plant types in fishless cycling

I just started cycling my new system 2 days ago ,I will be doing a fishless cycle .I have read that you could add plants from the beginning…

Started by mid falasco

28 Jan 20, 2014
Reply by Dottie Kinn

Do I need to buy ammonia?

I have been cycling since October, i know right before cold weather, but i do not want to get fish until i get this science part down.  I b…

Started by Gillian Burrus

1 Jan 18, 2014
Reply by Alex Veidel


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