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System Cycling (165)

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Ok I am getting most of my parts to build my 250 gal system. Being this is my first time making a system I have been reading the forums so…

Started by Chris

3 Feb 28, 2015
Reply by Curry Benoit

Low Nitrates

Hi, I have a small system (10 gallon tank).  It suppliies 3 shallow grow beds (3" deep x 14" wide x 30" long) ea. Originally I had one gol…

Started by Joe Phillips

3 Feb 28, 2015
Reply by Wade

Low pH in a cycled system

Hi I have a 700 gallon system that has been slowly cycled with fish and plants for the past 4 months. The system is light on fish, I could…

Started by Deborah M Espie

8 Feb 8, 2015
Reply by Deborah M Espie

Cycling Questions

Hello everyone! I'm hoping to get some information/advice on my cycling experience so far.   Here's the basic layout: 300 gallon fish tan…

Started by d

6 Feb 1, 2015
Reply by Johann

Mineralization/DeGas Tank for a CHOP2 system

I have alot of solids building up, feeding rainbow trout heavily for growth and so I can get all grobeds incorporated into system (long sto…

Started by Deborah M Espie

5 Jan 30, 2015
Reply by Jonathan Kadish NYC AA Chair

Nitrates barely showing after two months?!

Hi everyone, I have started my system up about 2 months ago with both fish and plants. I obviously started registering ammonia immediately,…

Started by Karim Jundi

1 Jan 22, 2015
Reply by Safwat Zaki

Need help.!! Might have screwed up my cycling.

I have been cycling since the 3rd or 4th of Nov. I used ammonia to start and on the 10th we added fish, even though we weren't cycled yet.…

Started by MikeH

26 Dec 20, 2014
Reply by MikeH

Need help. Ammonia wont go down.

Hello all, I am having a hard time understanding why the ammonia levels in my system wont come down.  I built the system based on a basic…

Started by Josh Grubman

7 Nov 17, 2014
Reply by Josh Grubman

Ammonium Phosphate

Can I use Ammonium Phosphate to Cycle my system. I'm retired Military living in the Philippines and have not been able to find pure Ammonia…

Started by Stephen Avens

11 Oct 15, 2014
Reply by Stephen Avens

Phosphate Block

I am in the middle of fishless cycling my system. pH-8      Ammonia- .25      Nitrite- 5      Nitrate-80    kH-3 I am using an API test kit…

Started by Richard Kowalski

2 Oct 15, 2014
Reply by Erick J


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