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System Cycling (165)

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12 week cycling no nitrites/nitrates

I am setting up a 2nd system and cannot get either bacteria to appear. 100L hydroton flood/drain barrel system. Fishless cycling, ammonia @…

Started by Kelly Boyle

2 Mar 22, 2016
Reply by Alex Veidel

System Cycled but high ph

We did a fishless cycling on 2 500 gal gravel bed systems and for the last several days, the system is testing 8.2 ph,   .5 amonia, 2. nitr…

Started by Laurie Roberts

3 Dec 28, 2015
Reply by George

Bell Siphon vs Toilet Plug on Float

So, I see how great the Bell Siphon is and people have advanced the design to be very reliable.But, it seems to do the same thing as a toil…

Started by Sean Gunn

1 Dec 28, 2015
Reply by Pieter Swanevelder

9.9 ph.....what to do

I have 2 -500 gal tanks with gravel bed system.  My well water tests 7.6 ph.  We started a fishless cycling per Murray's site just using ma…

Started by Laurie Roberts

4 Dec 2, 2015
Reply by Alex Veidel

Low pH during fishless cycling

I have been cycling for about two weeks. For some reason the pH level is at 6.0 every morning. I have the AquaUp pH Raising Kit, and am add…

Started by Jennifer Grubbs

3 Oct 2, 2015
Reply by Alex Veidel

cycling with fish

I kind of jumped the gun and added fish to my 80 gallon tank. so I was wondering is there a way to cycle faster with fish? Thanks Greg

Started by Greg Gore

7 Sep 4, 2015
Reply by David Marland

Are my plants experiencing "nutrient lock"

Ammonia 1.0ppm Nitrite 5.0ppm Nitrate 5.0ppm pH 8.2 The system has been up for about 3 weeks. I'm just now getting the nitrite spike. Anti…

Started by Patrick DiFlorio

4 Aug 21, 2015
Reply by Patrick DiFlorio

No Ammonia in my system im confused.

I have this 20 gallons flood and drain system and its been about 1 month. I tried to cycle the system with seaweed extract but didn't get a…

Started by Julien Griffe

1 Aug 21, 2015
Reply by Adam McMillin

System appears to be stuck?

Ok, it's been like this for a week. No ammonia, Nitrite 5ppm+, Nitrate 20-30ppm Water temp 76F pH 8.1 250 gal IBC (220 actual) How long w…

Started by Patrick DiFlorio

5 May 14, 2015
Reply by George

Redleif Ranch's Aquaponics System

We just started our IBC aquaponics system a few weeks ago.  We're in the process of Fishless Cycling; our fish (channel catfish, black crap…

Started by Donna Fielder

27 Mar 4, 2015
Reply by Brent Shafer


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