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Using different medium at different depths.

Hi there folks this is officially my first post. I've done a lot of research on AP and noticed that eventually if the ratio of fish to plan…

Started by Zachary Corriveau

1 Aug 25, 2013
Reply by Jonathan Kadish NYC AA Chair

Granite media-testing for compatibility

Does anyone know an easy way to determine if my granite gravel is ok to use in media beds? I seem to recall a simple "put it water with xxx…

Started by Blue Hiller

11 Aug 18, 2013
Reply by Blue Hiller

What is the best medium for a small indoor aquaponics system?

I am very new to this all, and I am in the process of putting together a system out of my 5 gal fish tank and I need to know what a good me…

Started by Theresa Kendall

7 Aug 17, 2013
Reply by Jonathan Kadish NYC AA Chair

Does Dura Skrim and lava rock sound like a good combination?

Does anyone know how the DuraSkrim LPDE 20 mil would hold up in a grow bed with black lava rock as the grow medium? Has anyone been success…

Started by Jason Finn

9 Jul 16, 2013
Reply by Jason Finn

Solids Buildup, Need Advice

My apologies, I am sure this is covered, but I couldn't find it.   My system is pea gravel, out of cost necessity. It has worked great, I h…

Started by Theresa Baker

7 Jun 30, 2013
Reply by Theresa Baker

Looking for unwoven food grade plastic mats

anyone know where I can buy some unwoven food grade plastics for vertical towers?I'm wanting to try out some things out but the only place…

Started by Dan McGuire

6 Jun 23, 2013
Reply by Chris Carr

Used basalt as media without washing and cannot get pH below 7.8

I have just set up a flood and drain system and I recently decided to try basalt 3/4" gravel for my media as I can purchase it localy and i…

Started by Mathew Slattery

2 Jun 22, 2013
Reply by Mathew Slattery

Adding waste to growbeds??

One of the many youtube vids i watched to intro myself to AP featured a well known and highly respected aquapon from down under talking abo…

Started by sticky

0 Jun 19, 2013

Oil absorbant for grow media!?!?

Crazy, right?! But, read about this stuff on the planted freshwater aquarium forms. The product is called Safe T Sorb™ Oil Absorbent #7941,…

Started by Fishy McFisherson

5 May 28, 2013
Reply by Fishy McFisherson

Light medium for vertical system

Does anyone know a light weighted medium I can use for my vertical aquaponics system?

Started by Hydroponics Curacao

4 May 25, 2013
Reply by Hydroponics Curacao


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