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Biochar Sources

Does anybody have any good sources for biochar that they like? Not interested in making it myself right now. I just need a small bag for a…

Started by Alex Veidel

2 Aug 25, 2015
Reply by Alex Veidel

Alternate or recycle media

I am putting together a new system that will be visited by a few local public schools, including 1 or 2 colleges. one of those is a 2 year…

Started by Larry Poe

12 Jun 1, 2015
Reply by Larry Poe

hydroton shifting in grow bed

Hi, My husband and I are establishing our first AP system. We are using the flood and drain method and our grow beds are two halves of a bl…

Started by Minh-An Pence

4 May 1, 2015
Reply by Jim Fisk

Carbonate Buildup on Media

I am curious what you guys do to get the carbonate buildup off of your hydroton or other grow medium, or even keep it from building up in t…

Started by Arwen Vaughan

6 Mar 10, 2015
Reply by George

swirl tank or no swirl tank

I have read that some people don't use a swirl tank or any filter from fish tank to media bed, but use red wigglers in the bed to eat up th…

Started by Zach

8 Mar 7, 2015
Reply by Zach

Pulling plants

I am currently loosing the battle in my beds against aphids, thrips and spider mites.  Although I have tried both biologicals and sprays, I…

Started by Suzanne Hayes

12 Feb 17, 2015
Reply by Zach

help with math?!

I'm new to this but very excited! I'm planning my indoor system but I've hit a road block with my calculations. I have a 55 gallon tank. If…

Started by Nichelle Hubley

3 Feb 8, 2015
Reply by Alex Veidel

No floaters?

Can anyone recommend a brand of expanded clay pellets that do not float?

Started by Dan E. Burns

3 Nov 11, 2014
Reply by MikeH

clay balls increase GH!?

Hello everyone, I haven't found information about clay balls influence on GH so I start a new topic. The thing is I have a GH problem sinc…

Started by nicolas deville

18 Nov 7, 2014
Reply by Devoid

Have I kiled my bacteria?

I'm rebuilding my GH and upgrading everything but the cold weather came in early and quick while everything was still open. Yesterday I sep…

Started by Jeff S

3 Nov 3, 2014
Reply by Jeff S


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