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My tomato plants (5) are growing but not producing much fruit, one or 2 tomatoes in the past 2 months.  A few others on the plants but take forever to turn red.  Any ideas what I can do to increase fruit production??

  • Start Date of IBC was last year June 2014
  • Take size 175 gal  IBC tank
  • 15 - 20 goldfish
  • Using air pump, fill and drain method, transferring approximately 80 gal per hour, my water really clear.  
  • Fish appear to be growing and look healthy.  
  • Location Fort Worth Texas
Most recent water readings
Ph 8.2
Anomia .25
Nitrite 0
Nitrates 80

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Your pH and nitrites are OK, the nitrates are not as toxic as the ammonia and nitrites and fish can live in these numbers.  Just don't let the ammonia and nitrites rise above 20ppm.  I say this because with these two, things will go south very quickly and cause brown blood disease and ammonia poisoning without warning.  Fish are amazing creatures and many can stand high pH as long as it doesn't rise or lower quickly.  Are you planning to stick with goldfish, or more the food fish species?  My suggestion is do your research on the species you intend to raise and try to keep the water/chemical make up where it suggests for your intended species.

I'd wait until the nitrites are at or close to 0. I'm no expert but that's what I've always heard.


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