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Hello everyone! I recently finished Sylvia's Aquaponic Gardening book and feel empowered to make my own system. My goal is to eventually have an Urban Farm using Aquaponics, but I would like to start on a small scale first. I have about 500 SQFT of warehouse space at my disposal (lucky me!)

Our system will be a hybrid system--we will integrate media beds and DWC rafts. The water will be gravity fed from the fish tank to the media bed then to the DWC. Then at the end of the DWC there will be a pump (or sump w/ a pump?) sending the water back to the fish tank. 

My question is this: can we pump the water back into the fish tank using a pool pump or do we need to utilize a sump tank? I am of the belief that we need a sump tank, but my business partner does not agree! I need a very good argument for why we need a sump tank--any suggestions?? Thank you :)

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Hello everyone! My business partner and I went to a great seminar in North Carolina to learn about commercial aquaponics. Our system is now up and running-we are currently in the cycling process with about 80 tilapia. Yaacov, we have a 230 gallon sump tank that is in the ground. Our pump pulls from a triple check valve that is in the sump tank. Approximately 75% of the water is then pumped to the fish tanks and the other 25% goes to the grow beds. Everything is working great! Thanks everyone for all the info. I will upload some pictures asap!

That's good news. I'd like to see pics of your setup. My system runs from the fish tank to the radial filter then to my 2 media beds and DWC then to the sump where it's pumped back to  the FT. I feel this lessens pump problems due to the sump water being cleaner.

That's great! Our fish tanks drain to a radial flow separator and biofilter and then goes to the sump tank. Here are some pics!

Don't know if that's your final configuration but you're going to need some room on both sides if the grow beds so you can reach the rafts for harvest and planting. What type of lighting will you be using?

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