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How to handle Potasium/ Calcium supplimentation when Ph never goes below 7.4

Hello Everyone,

This is my 7th year running my Aquaponics system. This is the first time I have run into a problem where the Ph has been hovering between 7.3 - 7.6 for the past 4 weeks. I built a hybrid system that consists  of a 300 gal fish tank. The fish tank has 80 Tilapia fingerlings. The system also has 3 Deep Water Culture  bins where I grow lettuce and 2 grow beds with hydroton growing Bok Choy, Peppers, Cuccumbers, Tomato's, Basil. The entire system is in a hoop house that gets shut down and cleaned out roots and all in the winter because its just too cold and not cost effective to run it year round in New York. The only thing I am doing differently is that this season I have planted alot more plants than I have in previous years because of the amount of Tilapia I am raising. I start all my plants from seeds indoors using Rockwool. There is alot more Rockwool in the system. The first thing I checked for is fish deaths. The fish are fine. The Tomato plants and Cuccumber plants have shown signs of Chlorosis. I tried using a foliar spray of Potasium Carbonate and burned my plants. Luckly I only lost a few of them. I have supplemented Chealated Iron first to see if that would solve the problem. No luck. Thats when I tried foliar spray of Potasium Carbonate.

What have you done to suppliment Potasium , Calcium with such a Ph? Why do you think the Ph is not falling like it should? Water temp is in the low 70's. Its heated. Ammonia and Nitrite is 0 ppm.

Thanks for your time and comments.

Rich K

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