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How to handle Potasium/ Calcium supplimentation when Ph never goes below 7.4

Hello Everyone, This is my 7th year running my Aquaponics system. This is the first time I have run into a problem where the Ph has been ho…

Started by Richard Kowalski

9 Mar 13
Reply by Jeff S

Measuring TDS

I am trying to build a simple device to measure total dissolved solids (TDS) in water by measuring electric conductivity (EC). I have two m…

Started by David Leithauser

3 Nov 8, 2017
Reply by Tom Oliphant

Water from system is groundwater

My system is medium sized – 2 IBC totes as fish tanks, 2 55 gallon drums as clarifier and demineralizer for each tote. My raft bed is 20 fe…

Started by Eric schmidt

2 Nov 5, 2017
Reply by Tom Oliphant

water analysis results - can someone help please?

i have mentioned this on an old topic but no one has answered yet so i thought id try posting here, i had a lot of trouble of fish dying an…

Started by Ian Hawkins

15 Nov 5, 2017
Reply by Tom Oliphant

Using Fish Water To Fertilize Gardens

I read about adding nitrogen to soil gardens but there aren't any suggested levels for nitrogen in the form of nitrates. If I want to use f…

Started by Jeff S

1 Nov 5, 2017
Reply by Tom Oliphant

What's in my fish water

I have a 600 gallon system and have nitrates as high as the API test will register. Ammonia is .25 and pH is around 6. The dissolved solids…

Started by Jeff S

5 Nov 5, 2017
Reply by Tom Oliphant

Astronomical nitrate levels

I did a water change several months ago due to excessive ammonia. I put the water into a container, added a gallon jug of hydroton with an…

Started by Jeff S

0 Sep 9, 2017

Yet another heating question...

I see this new fish tank heating device that Sylvia's business is selling, but I have one concern regarding part of its design. Why is corr…

Started by Max Gfx

12 Feb 15, 2017
Reply by Zach

Tank leaked

Hi everyone, I am new here so I'll give a run down on my system. I have 60 gallon "homemade" tank. I have lettuce and a tomatoe plant, 2 ja…

Started by Timothy

7 Nov 13, 2016
Reply by Jeff S

Flood & Drain Cycle, Pump Operation

Here in Southeast Louisiana the temps range between 30's and 90'0, I'm on my second pump in three years. I have a flood and drain system wh…

Started by Gil

2 Sep 16, 2016
Reply by Frank Buffone


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